Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Notebook: Part 2 The Search Continues

After some thought I managed to work out where I might have bought the 'perfect' notebook for my work back in 2008. I narrowed it down to two shops in London, one on Devonshire Row opposite Liverpool Street and another on the Holloway Road near where I used to work. I was in London yesterday for a meeting about my difficult third chapter (which I'm told is reasonably good... but I'm not convinced, all I can see is a mess), so I decided I'd visit these two shops, however my day did not go quite to plan and I never got to the Holloway Road stationers, and when I got to Devonshire Row Crane Stationers were no longer there - just a row of empty shops.
I rang Holloway Road shop and explained my predicament with regards to the paper in particular, and although they were not sure what make the notebook was or if they still stocked it, but they said if I took it along with me they would see what they could do. So that will be a job for my next trip to London.
As a precaution - because my current notebooks are almost used up - I went into WH Smith at the train station and went to pick up one of their 'ok, but not great' notebooks, and found a label on the front saying the paper is 70gsm, which means they have downgraded it because I am sure the one I have is 80gsm. So I left it on the shelf and ended up with the New Statesman, the London Review of Books and the Independent's daily mini paper. Which is just as well because the train was delayed...

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