Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Links to Stuff VIII

The good news is I finished the draft of the chapter by the deadline I set. The bad news is I'm not happy with the chapter as a whole, but I'll see how things turn out. I'm also physically and mentally wrecked at the moment - I have an article to write so will have to pull myself together by Thursday.

The writing 'retreat' helped quite a bit, but I still wish it was called something other than a 'retreat'... 

While I was shut away in the British Library last week reading about 1980s British television drama and the second Cold War, AL Kennedy's latest radio play was broadcast on BBC Radio 4, it is available on iPlayer (just, it expires in 4 hours) but you can also download it from the Play/Drama of the Week podcast via BBC Podcasts, and on iTunes. I shall be listening to it shortly before settling down to an afternoon of watching Wimbledon (if the rain ever stops).

Long term readers of this blog will know about my obsession with AL Kennedy's work, and I'm delighted that she has written quite a number of radio plays in recent years, and hope there are more to come.

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