Sunday, June 03, 2012

Links to Stuff VI

It is a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, which naturally means that it is raining. I have no excuse not to write some PhD words over the next three days then. Hope those of you having days off and parties aren't getting too drenched. London was awash with bunting and flags when I left on Thursday. 

I have finally finished all my marking for this academic year. Well theoretically I have - some work always manages to appear out of the woodwork after I think I am done...

As promised a guest blog post on Einstein on the Beach written by Peter Falconer will be posted here shortly, and I am (slowly) working on a long post about the current state of British television drama - the idea for post was prompted by this article in The Guardian by the playwright and screenwriter Abi Morgan, but also by my own research and response to what is on television on a nightly basis.

The British Museum has a wonderful exhibition called The Horse which is running until 30th September 2012. Readers of this blog will know my love of plants, and the BM also has an outdoor exhibition called North American Landscape which runs until sometime in November, so it will be interesting to see how the exhibition changes and develops with the seasons. Both exhibitions are free.

For reasons I can't explain I quite like this band based in West Wales: Paper Aeroplanes

The poet Kathleen Jamie has a new book of essays out. Jamie's first was the beautiful and compelling Findings, the new book is Sightlines. I'm looking forward to reading it in July when I will have finished this chapter of my PhD - 12,518 words to go, 442 words a day between now and 1st July.

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