Friday, May 18, 2012


I haven't been blogging for a while because between January and March I was teaching and marking and attempting (and failing) to make progress with my PhD, and then the beginning of April managed to produce the Worst Week of My Life - which we won't go into because it makes me sad.

Yet more marking has arrived and I have a week to do it; once the marking is off my desk I will have five weeks to write chapter 4 of my PhD and until 7th January 2013 to finish my PhD. That is an actual, set in stone, deadline.

The blogging will continue to be erratic, and may consist of 'Please make it stop' at various intervals. In the meantime, a guest blog post by my friend Peter Falconer about our experiences at Einstein on the Beach a couple of weeks ago will appear here when Mr Falconer has deciphered his notes (he was very studious and filled most of a notebook). Since Einstein we've been to The Flying Dutchman at the ENO, which was much shorter, but also much less amazing, but did boast some very excellent video projection designed by Nina Dunn.

A while back I wrote about the importance of titles, and Peter has written along similar (but probably more amusing) lines about song titles. If you are interested you can find the post on the PFlog.

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Peter said...

Ah yes, I'll get that over to you soon - there are some bizarre moments in my note-taking, which I think are better left unexplained!