Friday, May 11, 2012

Links to Stuff V

I was away for half of April in Canada for the History, Memory, Performance conference at the University of Ottawa, and before that I was teaching and marking, so I've not had much time. This is a quick 'Links to Stuff' post before I get back to posting (hopefully) more often.

While I was away AL Kennedy's Sunday Feature on Art and Madness was broadcast on Radio 3 on Sunday 22nd April. I've yet to listen to it yet, but it is available on iplayer.

On Tuesday night Peter Falconer and I went to see Einstein on the Beach at the Barbican. We managed not to get lost in the Barbican (which is like a modernist Alice in Wonderland) and sat through the entire 5 hours (it has no interval). One of the most amazing things I have ever seen on stage. The various videos of it on the web do not do it justice - it is definitely one of those productions where you had to be there. It runs at the Barbican until 13th May.

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